I have always dream of visiting Asia. My friends from the Real Estate Industry backpacked and visited several countries in the South East. They have lots of tales from their travel. I wished I was able to be with them last year. But since some things came up and my schedule did not fit at all, I wasn’t able to travel with them. I have created my own list though. Believe me these places are just so popular. There is something about Asia that is so mysterious and I am getting ready to discover whatever that is.

Here are the countries on my list:

Thailand. My friend Meryl and her boyfriend spent one month exploring Thailand. It is because there are so many things to do. I heard that the temples are so grand and visiting these temples will give you an idea how their culture is like.



Bangkok will be my first stopover and probably stay in Khao San Road. This is because this street is known to be a backpacker’s street. Foreigners and locals come to this place since it is where the party is. It is also near the temples that I plan to visit. I read Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Suthat, Wat Mahathat are the best temples to see. The floating market is also fascinating of course. While I’m there, I’d like to see Phuket. What is a vacation without going to the beach!

Cambodia. From Thailand, Cambodia is the next stop. I will explore Siem Reap. I can spend a whole day temple hopping. I will witness the sunrise at the Angkor Wat and if you were able to see Tomb Raider, you must have seen the magnificent Ta Prohm.


Vietnam. Going up, my next stop would be Vietnam. I will visit Hanoi to see the Hoan Kiem Lake by night. While in Vietnam, I would not miss Saigon. There is so much history in this particular city I’d like to see.


Laos. You may I ask why would I go to Laos? Why not? I would love to see Luan Prabang which is actually a whole town declared to be one of the World Heritage sites. Vang Vieng is another place in Laos which offers foreigners paradise. I’m also interested for an outdoor adventure at the Bolaven Plateau at the south of Laos and Tad Fane Waterfall. The rainforest that embraced the two waterfalls makes it more majestic.


Myanmar. I will spend a day in a resort in Inle Lake. I imagine it to be relaxing after all the places I have visited. This is going to be my last stop before heading back to London. I would probably allot a day to tour Irrawaddy River as well.
There is something in Asia that intrigues me and soon I will be able to unravel some of its mystery. I will be there by December and I am sure I will not be disappointed. Of course, this list can change. Anything goes for a whole month of adventure!


Most of the times when we are asked about the technicalities of windows, we cant really say anything much, generally because there are specialists whom we can go to whenever there is a need for us to deal with windows. However, let me discuss some facts about double glazed sash windows.


If you would notice sash windows are mostly seen in houses that are Georgian or Victorian in design. What it looks like is basically 3 panes that are across in twos up one each of the two sashes, resulting to six over six window panel. But this of course is just what we see normally, it is not something fixed.


In terms of operation, heavy steel is used to create the balance which is hidden within the window frame.

Double glazed sash windows are actually great options when you are thinking of replacement windows.


There are 2 main types of sash windows and these are the single hung and double hung. They are named as such because single and double refer to the movable parts of the window which gives the ventilation. Therefore a single hung has a single movable sash and the double hung has two movable sashes.


Originally sash windows are made from wooden frames like any other window types but because there has been a move towards more energy efficient windows, we now see vinyl frames and double glazing sash windows as well as triple glazing sash windows.

Compared to other window types sash windows are rather more complex.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of double glazing sash windows:



Maintenance is easy – this is because the opening is upward and can also swing inwards making cleaning easy and fast.

Energy efficiency is high double glazing sash windows are energy efficient. This is because they provide tight seal and so heat loss is kept to the minimum.


A/C friendly installation of air conditioning unit is easy this is because of the way window sash is opened. Air conditioning unit can be installed into the topmost sash.

Curb appeal is high this type of window is definitely attractive.



Window sash is perhaps the window type with the least of downsides.


Limited ventilation- this is because you cant fully the two sashes at one time and thus allowing limited ventilation into the room but if you choose a window that rated, you can never go wrong.


Air leaks Sash windows are energy efficient however, heat loss is only minimized when there is a quadruple weather proofing installed along with the sash windows.


If you are in Edinburgh and you are thinking of having double glazing window sash, you may Google double glazing companies Edinburgh.


Let me share with you my typical day in London. I’ve been in London since birth. I was born and raised here. So, I am pretty much familiar with London. This familiarity gives me an edge as a real estate broker. I just know about properties you might be looking for. I am also familiar with how the real estate boomed since I grew up witnessing it.


My typical day is of course getting to work and that involves making sure I have great listings all the time and meeting prospects.

I met a prospect today and we spoke about real estate. I gave her an idea of the real estate landscape in London so that she will know when and where she could find a property she is looking for.

Looking for a property to own for investment purpose or immediate use has no exact formula. There are those who are just lucky to get a great property and are able to enjoy an awesome market value for the property after a long time. Here are some things you need to be certain of before even deciding to buy any property.

Determine your purpose

Identify your intentions. Is it for immediate use? Are you looking for a long term investment? If it is for immediate use then most likely you must be prepared to finance the purchase or have scout for a good financing scheme. When you are looking to invest, you might want to consider areas where property development is still progressing because usually you can get this at a lower price but definitely the value will soar in the future.


Be clear on the factors to consider

There are several factors you have to consider when buying a property.

  1. For example if you are scouting for a home and you have kids, your top considerations would be basic services and amenities. Does the area have a nearby school, hospital and parks? You also ask yourself if you want a lawn. If yes, then a condominium is not among the list.
  2. Having said item 1, convenience is a determining factor. If you are looking for a home and you are employed, your concern is the proximity of your future home to your workplace.
  3. Will you be paying outright cash? If so, this will determine the price of the property you will be buying. Should you want to avail of a financing service, be sure to scout for the best term. Make sure that it has to be in your favor. Your broker can give you the best advice but you can do some independent scouting as well.


Since you are buying a property, it is best to get all the information you can about the property and the area it is located. Don’t forget to get some ideas of the area’s future potential. Needless to say, give yourself a time to think. Do not rush. Being able to get sufficient information will assure you that you will be getting a great property.

There you go, a piece of advice from Kristin, the best REB in London!